Administrative Procedures

  • Requests for reimbursement / the refilling of any book-store requisition cards should be given to your program’s assistant (Listed Below).
  • Grade Change Requests can be obtained from the main department office in CL 526. These forms must be filled out and signed by the instructor requesting the change of grade and returned to the department for processing. (If the grade is for a Graduate Course this includes approval by the Graduate Dean's office, prior to submission to student records.)
  • All purchasing requests should be directed to the department purchaser, Anthony Payne (
    • Please include with your request where / from what account (start-up, direct support, etc.) funding for the purchase is to come from.
  • Please direct any other department related inquiries that you may have to the Fiscal and Operations Manager, Kristin Hopkins (
    • If you are simply unsure of who to ask, or of the proper procedure, always feel free to ask Jennifer Seemann ( and she will be able to either assist you or point you in the right direction.