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Summer 2018


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Crisis and Emergency - Faculty and Staff Guide for Helping Distressed Students

Sexual Misconduct and Discrimination Policy

Faculty and Staff Response to Student Injury

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Campaign-Related Activities on Campus Policy


As we approach the general election on November 8th, we write to provide a reminder of University guidance regarding permissible political campaign-related activities on campus. 

Because the University encourages freedom of expression, political activities that do not reasonably imply University involvement or identification may be undertaken so long as regular University procedures are followed for use of facilities and for conduct by faculty and staff in their official University capacities. Guidelines for student activities are also provided here.

The enclosed memo details University guidelines, and offers resources for use by our community. Please review it and distribute it to your faculty and staff members, as appropriate.

Thank you,

Geovette Washington, Senior Vice Chancellor and Chief Legal Officer
Paul A. Supowitz, Vice Chancellor for Community and Governmental Relations

http://www.universityannouncements.pitt.edu/Campaign-Related Activities Memo.pdf

For more information about Read Green, please visit http://technology.pitt.edu/readgreen

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Sexual Misconduct and Discrimination Policy

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Faculty and Staff Response to Student Injury

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Active Shooter Response

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Funding Opportunities



Dietrich School Curricular Innovation Fund

The Dietrich School announces a two-year program to fund efforts to improve our undergraduate curriculum, especially efforts that support School-level initiatives to enhance departmental advising, develop innovative majors, enrich large-enrollment and introductory courses, or scale-up mentored research, scholarly, and creative arts experiences for undergraduates. 


Funds must be requested by department chairs or program directors on behalf of a full time T/TS or NTS faculty member or group of faculty members within, and in some cases also outside, their department or program.  Funds can be used to assess and/or purchase materials, including software that might augment teaching, learning, assessment, or grading; support travel to visit colleagues at institutions with curricular programs being considered at Pitt; convene workshops or retreats for sustained faculty consideration of curricular changes, especially those that cross departmental or School lines; or similar purposes.  In exceptional cases that involve complex departmental or program changes, funds can be requested for limited summer salary support.  No funds are available for course releases or salary support during fall or spring terms. 


There is no minimum or maximum request limit, but, as funds are limited, most successful proposals will have budgets less than $10,000 in one-time (non-recurring) funds.  Proposals should contain a short (1-3 page) description, a 1-page letter from the chair or program director that details the faculty involved in the project and their respective responsibilities, a 1-page timetable for the expenditure of the funds and the testing and/or implementation of the project, and a 1-page budget that should be reviewed in advance by the department’s fiscal administrator. 


All funds must be allocated by the end of the spring 2019 term.   Proposals can be submitted anytime and will be considered until the fund is expended.  Please send proposals as a single PDF document to j.seemann@pitt.edu

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