Against Health

October 13, 2017 - 10:00am

Against Health: What could be wrong with health? Shouldn’t we be for health?

A Discussion with the Disability Studies Reading Group

October 13th, 10 AM, Cathedral of Learning 1414

Jonathan M. Metzl writes in the Introduction to Against Health: “health” is a term replete with value judgments, hierarchies, and…assumptions that speak as much about power and privilege as they do about well-being. Health is a desired state, but it is also a prescribed state and an ideological position.” Join the Disability Studies Reading Group as we examine the ways in which health has been used to further marginalize and as we consider ways to reframe health more constructively through a discussion of Against Health, edited by Jonathan M. Metzl and Anna Kirkland.

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Location and Address

1414 Cathedral of Learning