Cultural Studies, NOW!

September 15, 2017 (All day)


Cultural Studies, Now!

Sept 15 and 16

All talks will take place in the Humanities Center, Cathedral 601


The symposium, being held being  in honor of Jane Feuer's retirement,

gathers leading figures in Cultural, Film and Media Studies

to consider the popular in an era of populism, approaches to culture in an era of media diffusion, the moving image as it moves out onto multiple screens, the status of Cultural Studies, Now.

September 15th


12:00-1:00 Opening Lunch Reception

1:00-1:30 Welcome

Randall Halle

Nancy Glazener

Lucy Fischer



Introduction Mark Lynn Anderson

Jane Gaines

"Where is 'the Popular' in Utopian and the 'Utopian in 'the Popular'?"



Introduction Vice Provost Kathy Humphrey


Brent Malin

"Asking Quality Questions about Television: The Changing Contours of AmericanTelevision and its Popular Ideologies"



Introduction Ron Zboray

Meaghan Morris

“Kung Fu Jungles: Thinking Again about Folk Art.”


16th 9:30 Coffee



Introduction Jonathan Arac

David Pettersen

“Omar Sy's Transnational Stardom”



Introduction Neepa Majumdar

Steven Cohan

“Hollywood by Hollywood: “A Star Is Born” (1937), Self-Reflexivity, and the Generic Continuity of the Backstudio Picture”


12:00-12:30 Lunch



Introduction Randall Halle

Vinzenz Hediger

“’We’ll always have Pittsburgh:’ Notes on the Souveränitätskitsch of ‘anti-globalism’"



Introduction Tyler Bickford


Lynn Spigel

“Media Homes”


2:30-3:00 Refreshments



Introduction Julie Nakama

Mimi White

“Nostalgic Off-Modernism on the Hallmark Channels” 

Location and Address

602 Cathedral of Learning