Events at Standing Rock

April 12, 2018 - 5:30pm

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Media, Mapping, Surveillance, and Survivance

Events at Standing Rock created new ways to protect the water and the land, facilitated a resurgence of indigenous centered leadership, and altered the media landscape. Making innovative use of drones, live streaming, web presence, social media, and independent documentary, indigenous media makers peacefully resisted while mainstream media mostly missed or ignored the story month after month. In a broader project, I am developing a cartographically-attuned analytic for the study of documentary film and other geolocational media, influenced by emerging scholarship in ecomedia and spatial media studies, human geography and GIScience, and critical environmental justice. With this talk, I will offer a media mapping of key spaces of the Standing Rock resistance by reading among historical and current maps, past and present legal documents, and indigenous media works. “Where I pray right now is sacred,” says Mryon Dewey of Digital Smoke Signals in the omnibus documentary Awake: A Dream from Standing Rock. This talk is my effort as a non-indigenous supporter and scholar of media and environment to honor and stand with Standing Rock by thinking with maps.

Location and Address

407 Cathedral of Learning