Reading Group for Stacy Alaimo's Work

December 8, 2017 - 3:00pm

Marlee Fuhrmann and Nick Marsellas will lead a reading group on Fri., Dec. 8, 3-5, in 527 CL for graduate students and faculty members who would like to read some of Alaimo’s work and talk about the larger frames for her work in advance of her visit.  The readings for that meeting will be the same as the readings for the graduate student colloquium on Jan. 16 and are attached.  These readings (plus some additional work by Alaimo for anyone who’s interested) can be accessed via this link:

Anyone may just show up for the reading group.  Contact Nancy Glazener if you’d like to be part of the lunchtime colloquium and/or if you have any trouble accessing the readings.

Location and Address

527 Cathedral of Learning