1787-1819 Courses

The first Catalogue of Courses for the Academy stated that under the supervision of the Rev. Mr. Robert Andrews,

The principles of English Grammar and Geography will make a particular part of the academic course, with their application to parsing and explaining the English language, a knowledge of Globes, Maps, &c. The lower classes will be taught Orthography agreeable to standards of the first taste, aided by the Improvement of Sheridan, Walker, and Schott – Reading and a just pronunciation will be a peculiar object of Mr. Andrews’ personal attention – Writing, Mercantile Arithmetic, Navigation, Surveying, and Book-keeping will be taught by the most respectable masters that can be procured; and the usual branches of classical education, with a succinct view of the histories of Ancient Greece and Rome, as detailed by Rollin, Mellot, and Goldsmith, paying particular attention to the Antiquities and Mythology of the same people, as illustrated by Kennet, Potter, &c., together with a stated course of examination on the Belles Lettres, as abridged from Blair’s and Priestley’s Lectures on that subject. A French and Dancing Master will also attend, for those who may wish their children instructed in those graceful parts of a polite education.