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Full Time Faculty

Curtis Breight
Associate Professor - Literature
Peter Odell Campbell
Assistant Professor - Composition
Lori Campbell
Senior Lecturer - Literature, Composition, Advising
Sten Carlson
Senior Lecturer - Writing
Stephen Carr
Associate Professor - Literature, Composition
Jean Ferguson Carr
Associate Professor - Composition, Literature
Fiona Cheong
Associate Professor - Writing
Robin Clarke
Lecturer II - Composition
Robert Clift
Assistant Professor - Film and Media Studies
Nicholas Coles
Associate Professor - Composition, Literature
Angie Cruz
Associate Professor - Writing
Barbara Edelman
Senior Lecturer - Writing, Composition
Angela Farkas
Lecturer - Composition
Amy Flick
Lecturer II - Composition
April Flynn
Lecturer - Composition


Mike Bunn
Assistant Professor (Teaching), Writing Program, University of Southern California
Carlos Antonio Delgado
Lecturer, Writing Program, University of Southern California; Founder, Life Writers Collaborative
Jennifer Kwon Dobbs
Associate Professor, English Department, St. Olaf College
Rachelle Linda Escamilla
Foreign Instructor, Creative Writing, Sun Yat-sen University Department of English in the School of Foreign Languages


Steph Ceraso
Assistant Professor of Digital Writing & Rhetoric, Department of English, University of Virginia