All (two-column)

Brenda Berrian
Professor - Joint Appointment with Africana Studies
Thora Brylowe
Assistant Professor - Literature
Marah Gubar
Director - Children's Literature, Associate Professor - Literature
Marcia Landy
Distinguished Professor - Film


Tanine Allison
Assistant Professor, Film and Media Studies, Emory University
Kara Lynn Andersen
Assistant Professor, Film Studies, Brooklyn College, CUNY
Manisha Basu
Assistant Professor, English and African Studies, University of Illinois – Urbana Champaign
Jean Bessette
Assistant Professor, Department of English, University of Vermont

Full Time Faculty

Mark Lynn Anderson
Associate Professor - Film Studies
Erin Anderson
Assistant Professor - Writing
Susan Z. Andrade
Associate Professor - Literature
Jonathan Arac
Andrew W. Mellon Professor - Literature
Jeff Aziz
Lecturer II - Literature, Advising
David Bartholomae
Charles Crow Chair - Professor of English
Craig Bernier
Visiting Assistant Professor - Writing
Mark Best
Lecturer II - Film Studies, Literature
Don Bialostosky
Department Chair, English Department
Tyler Bickford
Assistant Professor - Literature
Ellen Bishop
Lecturer II - Film Studies
Troy Boone
Associate Professor - Literature