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Full Time Faculty

Curtis Breight
Associate Professor - Literature
Peter Odell Campbell
Assistant Professor - Composition
Lori Campbell
Lecturer II - Literature, Composition, Advising
Sten Carlson
Senior Lecturer - Writing
Stephen Carr
Associate Professor - Literature, Composition
Jean Ferguson Carr
Associate Professor - Composition, Literature
Fiona Cheong
Associate Professor - Writing
Robin Clarke
Lecturer II - Composition
Robert Clift
Assistant Professor - Film and Media Studies
Nicholas Coles
Associate Professor - Composition, Literature
Angie Cruz
Associate Professor - Writing
Barbara Edelman
Senior Lecturer - Writing, Composition
Angela Farkas
Lecturer - Composition
Elizabeth Rodriguez Fielder
Assistant Professor


Mike Bunn
Assistant Professor (Teaching), Writing Program, University of Southern California
Carlos Antonio Delgado
Lecturer, Writing Program, University of Southern California; Founder, Life Writers Collaborative
Jennifer Kwon Dobbs
Associate Professor, English Department, St. Olaf College
Rachelle Linda Escamilla
Foreign Instructor, Creative Writing, Sun Yat-sen University Department of English in the School of Foreign Languages


Steph Ceraso
Assistant Professor, Department of English, University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Hannah Gerrard
Lecturer (TTS), School of English and Media Studies, Massey University - New Zealand