Jennifer Kwon Dobbs

Associate Professor, English Department, St. Olaf College

While most folks may associate Pittsburgh with steel and pierogies, those of us in the know keep our on eye this city for its explosions of literary energy. It's a great place for a graduate student to live and to write in, and it's also home to Pitt's exceptional MFA Program.

Pitt's renowned, committed creative writing faculty provided me with the hands-on mentorship and knowledge that I needed to lay a foundation for my own poetry and teaching. The program offers a well rounded graduate experience--training in creative writing, literary studies, and pedagogy; community both on and off campus; and professionalization opportunities in publishing and teaching.

There's an onslaught of options to choose from for a MFA program. Few approximate what Pitt has to offer to the serious literary writer.

Publications: Paper Pavilion (White Pine Press 2007), Song of a Mirror (chapbook) finalist for Tupelo Press's Snowbound Chapbook Award, anthologized poems in Language for a New Century (Norton 2009) among others.

Date of graduation: 2001

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