Margaret Stahr

Assistant Professor and Writing Center Director, Department of English, Catawba College

Obviously, the coursework at Pitt was invaluable. The range of courses offered under the umbrella of “Composition, Literacy and Pedagogy” (the certificate title at the time) prepared me well for work at a small college where breadth of teaching and administration experience is necessary. Outside of coursework, two experiences really stand out. First, the amount of direct feedback I received about my teaching allowed me to develop a considerable awareness of my strengths and weaknesses as a teacher. The feedback I received – and the ability to discuss teaching strategies, philosophies, and challenges – has helped me develop into a highly effective teacher. Second, Pitt graduate students were strongly encouraged to be active in committee work. My sense is that graduate programs do not always allow their students to participate so actively in the administrative life of the department, but being invited to attend – and vote at – department meetings and meetings of sub-committees (the Pedagogy and Difference committee, for example) gave me a taste of the work that I would engage in as an assistant professor.

PhD Year: 2008

Specialization: Writing Center administration and tutor-education; teaching of first- and second-year college composition

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