The Writing Center offers free one-on-one tutoring for writers of all levels and majors. They also offer the Writers’ Café for any students who are interested in creative writing.

The Avoiding Plagiarism page can help you understand what plagiarism is and how to avoid it.

Academic Resources and Contacts

Add/Drop Forms; A&S Advising Center: 252 Thackeray Hall, 412-624-6444

Admissions and Financial Aid: 1st floor Alumni Hall, 412-624-7488

A&S Requirements (General Education): A&S Dean, 140 Thackeray, 412-624-6480

Declaring a Major (or other program of study): A&S Dean, 140 Thackeray

Honors College: CL 3600, 412-624-6880;

Grading Options(S/NC or audit): A&S Dean, 140 Thackeray, 412-624-6480

Registration: Office of the Registrar, G-1 Thackeray, 412-624-7650

Residency: Student Appeals Office, G-12 Thackeray, 412-624-7668

Scholarships and Funding

Student Appeals Office: G-12 Thackeray, 412-624-7668

Student Payment Center: G-7 Thackeray, 412-624-7520;

Student Records:A&S Dean’s Office, 140 Thackeray Hall, 412-624-6776

Study Abroad 802 Wm Pitt Union, 412-648-7413;

Transcript Office, G-3 Thackeray, 412-624-7620;

Transfer Credit questions: A&S Dean, 140 Thackeray, 412-624-6480

Undergraduate Timeline Brochure

Withdrawals (Monitored, Late, Appeals): A&S Dean, 140 Thackeray, 412-624-6480; CGS students should go to 4th floor Cathedral of Learning, 412-624-6610

Other Important Campus Resources

Academic Resource Center: G-1 Gardner Steel Conference Center, 412-648-7920;

Counseling Center: 334 Wm Pitt Union, 412-648-7930

Cross-Cultural and Leadership Development: 617 Wm Pitt Union, 412-648-9523

Disability Resources and Services: 140 Wm Pitt Union, 412-648-7890

International Services: 708 Wm Pitt Union

Office of Career Development and Placement Assistance: 200 WPU, 412-383-4473

Office of Experiential Learning: B-4 Thaw Hall, 412-624-6828

Research Opportunities

Student Government Board: 848 Wm Pitt Union

Teacher Certification Programs: School of Education, 5500 Posvar Hall, 412-648-2230