To make an appointment for English and Film & Media Studies advising through Pitt Pathways, simply click the "Navigate Pathways" tile in the Pitt Portal.

If you need to speak to an advisor at a time outside of the hours available in the system, please contact him or her by e-mail or phone to request an alternative time.


The English Department advisors are all teaching faculty as well as experienced mentors in English. Here are links to our faculty profiles along with our current contact information.

We are located in the Cathedral of Learning room 501-C.

Please use our online appointment system, in order to make, cancel, or change your advising appointments.

Once you have declared a major or minor in English Writing, Literature, Public and Professional Writing, and/or Film Studies, or if you’re considering one of these programs, you should pay us a visit. We’re here to help with any questions and concerns you have, from choosing the right courses to thinking about completing your degree and planning for after graduation.

You can and should browse this website for help with accessing your academic records, searching for courses, understanding requirements, looking into jobs, teaching and internship opportunities, or finding important contacts on campus. Check out the Undergraduate Timeline Brochure to make sure you are on track to be prepared for the job market after graduation. But you can also see one of our department advisors for personalized help, guidance, and conversation.

IMPORTANT: Please note that all students need to see their major advisor (or one of their advisors if they have more than one major) who will OK them for online self-registration. Depending on your registration starting date and time, which will be issued to you based on your number of credits earned (graduating seniors first, second-term freshman last), you will want to set up your advising in timely fashion.

See below for important dates; this schedule will be updated every term.

December 7

FALL TERM: Last day for undergraduate day classes

SPRING TERM DEADLINE for continuing students to
register without a penalty fee

December 8

Reading Day

December 10-15, incl.

Final Examination Period for undergraduate day classes

December 15

FALL TERM ENDS: Official date for degrees awarded in FALL TERM

December 16

Residence Halls Close

December 16 - January 6, incl.

Winter Recess for students (no classes), all schools

December 19

FALL TERM grades must be approved by instructors by 11:59 p.m. before final posting can begin

December 24 - January 1, incl.

Winter Recess for faculty and staff

January 2

All University offices and buildings reopen

January 4

Residence Halls Open

January 7



January 18 

SPRING TERM add/drop period ends

January 21

Dr. Martin Luther King’s birthday observance
(University closed)

February 18


February 22

Honors Convocation

March 8

SPRING TERM DEADLINE for students to submit Monitored Withdrawal forms to dean’s office

March 10-17, incl.

Spring Recess for students (no classes); University offices and buildings remain open and staffed during Spring Recess except on Friday, Spring Holiday

March 15

University’s observance of Spring Holiday (University closed)

March 25


April 5

Last day for Fall term enrollment appointments

April 6

Fall term open enrollment period begins

April 19

SPRING TERM: Last day for undergraduate day classes

April 20

Reading Day

April 20-27, incl.

College of General Studies classes, Saturday College classes, graduate classes, and evening classes will continue to meet during this period; final examinations should be held during the last scheduled class meeting

April 22-27, incl.

Final Examination Period for all undergraduate day classes

April 27

SPRING TERM ENDS: Official date for degrees awarded in SPRING TERM

May 1

SPRING TERM grades must be approved by instructors by 11:59 p.m. before final posting can begin

* Please note: You must process course withdrawals or term resignations at 140 Thackeray Hall; failure to attend a class does not constitute official dropping, withdrawal, or resignation.