Connect with our English Department advisors who can provide personalized help, guidance, and conversation. 

The English Department advisors are all teaching faculty as well as experienced mentors in our five majors (English Literature, Writing, Film & Media Studies, Public & Professional Writing, and Digital Narrative & Interactive Design). Check out the Undergraduate Timeline Brochure to make sure you are on track to be prepared for the job market after graduation. But you can also see one of our department advisors for personalized help, guidance, and conversation.

Here are links to our faculty profiles along with our current contact information.

Jeff Aziz, PhD | | 412-624-2228
Lori Campbell, PhD | | 412-624-6559
Amy Flick, PhD | | 412-624-6656


.Welcome Dr. Amy Flick to the Advising Team!

Dr. Amy Flick

Dr. Mark Kemp has retired. Please join us in wishing him all the best, and in welcoming our new addition to the advising team, Dr. Amy Flick.

Amy Flick is a Lecturer II and advisor in the English Department. She is also the Director of the Public Communication of Science and Technology Certificate Program. She earned her doctorate at Kent State University in the Literacy, Rhetoric, and Social Practice program. She teaches Writing in the Sciences, Writing in the Health Science Professions, Public Communication of Science and Technology, and Writing for the Public. Her research interests are medical humanities, disability studies, and public health and science discourse, with a central focus on harm reduction discourse.


Advising FAQs

Who is my advisor in the Department of English and Film and Media Studies?

We do not assign advisors in our department. You are welcome to see whichever advisor you prefer. All three advisors work with all of the programs in the department (Literature, Writing, Public and Professional Writing, Digital Narrative and Integrative Design), as well as minors and certificates.)


I just declared a major in the Department of English and Film and Media Studies department, what do I do next?

Each term after the add/drop period ends, we receive a list of new declares and we will send an email to all of the majors with information. You can make an appointment before we send that email if you have any questions or just want to go over the requirements for your particular program, or you can wait until pre-registration advising begins.


How do I make an advising appointment?

You make an appointment by logging on to Pathways through your mypitt portal. Here is a helpful video that will walk you through the appointment-scheduling process if you're not sure how this works.


Why is there an advising hold on my account?

Each term, all students will have an advising hold placed on their accounts that requires them to speak with an advisor before they can register for the following term. Especially if you are a junior, it is crucial that you meet with an advisor in a timely manner to be sure you're on track for graduation. It is always a good idea to book early for your pre-registration appointment.

Are appointments virtual or in-person?  

You can select virtual or in-person availability when you log on to Pathways to make an appointment. In-person appointments may be unavailable or limited depending on the health and safety protocols at a given time. See Pathways schedule for details.


What is an “enrollment appointment” and/or where can I find my enrollment appointment?

The enrollment appointment date is the first time/day when you will be able to start enrolling for the following semester. Your exact date to begin enrolling for each term can be found under your Student Services Center on PeopleSoft. You can check the academic calendar to find out exactly when your date should first appear.


How do I declare a major, minor, or certificate in the Dietrich School?

You can find information and appropriate forms here on the Dietrich School “forms” web page.


How do I obtain a permission code to enroll in a class that is closed?

You must first get in touch with the instructor of the course. If the instructor is willing, then forward to one of the advisors the email where the instructor indicates giving you permission to enroll in the closed class. Please include your PeopleSoft ID with the forwarded email, as well as the catalog number (i.e. ENGWRT 0000) and the five-digit class section number (44221) to expedite your request.


How do I get more information about internships and/or enroll for an internship that I have secured?

See the internships page for details by clicking on the link to the right of this page.


We are always available to answer any questions you might have via email. Our email addresses are listed above— please do not phone the office. You can expect an answer to your email within 24 hours or the next business day, but usually sooner.

Please include your PeopleSoft ID any time you email an advisor, that's so helpful and saves a lot of time.


The Academic Calendar lists important dates and deadlines.