English studies provide opportunities for students to learn more about themselves and their cultural environment by investigating literature and language of the past and present, and by improving ways in which they write in every part of their educational experience. From courses in Literature, Writing, Composition, and Film Studies, students can take one of four majors, two minors, and two certificate programs. They may also pursue an Africana Studies–English Literature joint major.

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The Literature Program offers opportunities to study traditional and popular literature and literary criticism, as well as various writing practices in their social and historical contexts.


Courses in the Composition Program focus attention on students' own writing and on the diverse situations and uses of written discourse. Its offerings include introductory and advanced courses and specialized courses designed to serve specific career goals.


The Writing Program, the oldest and largest creative writing program in the United States, offers concentrations in fiction, poetry, and nonfiction writing.

Film and Media Studies

The Film and Media Studies Program offers a series of courses in English that function as electives in the literature and writing majors. They also count for the interdisciplinary film studies major (see below).