Public and Professional Writing Certificate

The Public and Professional Writing major requires 33 credits and the Public and Professional Writing certificate requires 18 credits. Students who want to develop their writing ability and who are interested in exploring the ways that writing well can enhance their working lives are invited to join the PPW program.

Children's Literature Certificate

Pitt's interdisciplinary, internationally recognized certificate in Children’s Literature offers undergraduates the opportunity to bring together studies across a broad range of subjects as they contemplate these and other questions pertaining to youth literature and culture. The program is designed to meet an individual student’s interests and strengths and fulfills the Arts and Sciences requirement for a related area.

Public Communication of Science and Technology Certificate

The 18-credit Public Communication of Science and Technology certificate is designed for science- and technology-oriented students in any major who understand the value of being able to communicate their research outside their own narrow field, who know that they will need to convince others to support their research, and who anticipate that they will need to communicate the implications of their research to the public. It will also serve students who want to pursue a career as a writer in science and technical fields.