Benjamin Miller

  • Associate Professor

Benjamin's Affiliations: Digital Narrative and Interactive Design, DSAM Certificate.

Benjamin Miller is an alumnus of the CUNY Graduate Center (PhD, English) and Columbia University’s School of the Arts (MFA, Poetry). He is the author of Distant Readings of Disciplinarity: Knowing and Doing in Composition/Rhetoric Dissertations (Utah State UP, 2022) and Without Compass (Four Way Books, 2014) and coeditor, with Amanda Licastro, of Composition and Big Data (Pitt Press, 2021).

In his research, Ben frequently uses data analysis and visualization to map complex disciplinary landscapes with the goal of helping other researchers—including graduate students—become more conversant with the full range of methods and topics in RCWS.

In his teaching, from first-year undergraduate through graduate level, Ben incorporates a significant amount of writing as processing, leaning into the ways that writing is a tool and a medium for thinking, not only communicating. He has taught Seminar in Composition; Composing Digital Media; Writing with Data; Writing with Style; Composition Studies; Data and Discipline; and Seminar in Pedagogy, among other courses.

Ben is a co-creator of the Writing Studies Tree, a crowdsourced, open-access database of academic genealogies in Composition/Rhetoric and related fields, tracing connections among scholars and institutions along lines of mentorship, education, collaboration, and employment. He is a co-founder of the open-access Journal of Interactive Technology and Pedagogy, where he has worked in a wide range of roles including editing and copyediting, reviews and formative feedback, web design and production processes, and policy and documentation.