Brenda Whitney

  • Teaching Professor, Director of Undergraduate Studies- Composition Program

Brenda Whitney's interests and expertise are wide-ranging, spanning American Literature, Critical Ethnic Studies, Postcolonial, Modern and Postmodern Literature and Theory, Composition, and Digital Composition. She is a great fan of monsters, especially monstrous mothers. As a teacher, Whitney is invested in blurring boundaries: between fiction and non-fiction, words and images, the classroom and the world. In addition to teaching a diverse array of courses in the Literature and Composition programs, she serves as the Adjunct Faculty Coordinator and Integrity Office for the English department.

Whitney holds a Masters Degree from the University of Massachusetts at Boston and a PhD from the University of Pittsburgh.

Recent courses taught include: Literary Field Studies, The Gothic Imagination, American Literature to 1860, Modernism, Imagining Social Justice, Women and Literature.