Janine Carlock

  • Part-Time Instructor

Janine Carlock has taught ESL for over almost 30 years and 1st year composition for 15 years. She worked as a consultant for the University of Pittsburgh Writing Center for 17 years and has helped to develop the Freshman Engineering Writing Program from its inception. She has done free-lance editing for grad/PhD students and faculty at the University of Pittsburgh and around the world in engineering, bioinformatics, health and rehabilitation sciences, philosophy, business and other fields for over 20 years as well. She has enjoyed writing 3 books, 2 on writing and one on information literacy, and she continues to explore new ideas and issues in pedagogy and the science of learning. She has a passion for teaching and for learning (goes hand-in-hand with teaching – it’s always a learning experience no matter how long you’ve done it!) and every day provides new opportunities to indulge in both.