Leonora Anyango

  • Teaching Professor

Leonora Anyango brings her teaching experience from different countries to the Pitt Composition classroom. She strives to include the global cultural outlook in her composition classrooms, and she is an avid proponent of expanded knowledge that is inclusive of all people from different regions of the world. Dr. Anyango is a language, culture, and education expert of international repute. She specializes in Creative Non-Fiction, multilingual writing, interpretation and translation, and poetry. She invests in working with diverse groups of students to use language as a tool to advance their scholarship. She recently received the prestigious Derek Bok Public Service Prize from Harvard University for her work with the refugees in Pittsburgh, Blind youth in Kenya, and College student mentoring.

Classes Taught

ENGCMP 0152 ESL Workshop in Composition

ENGCMP 0200 Seminar in Composition

ENGCMP 0208 Seminar in Composition: Service Learning

ENGCMP 0212 Seminar in Composition: Diversity

ENGCMP 2241 Professional Writing in Global Contexts

Representative Publications

“’My Other Heart is Telling Me…’ Translating Orature as a Rhetoric of Meaning.” Global Rhetorical Traditions. Edited by Tarez Graban and Hui Wu.  Palor Press. 2023.

New Directions in Technology for Writing Instruction Edited by Gonca Yangin-Eksi, Sedat Akayoglu and Leonora Anyango. Springer Nature, 2023.

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“Locating the Transrhetorical in Multilingual Writing: A Closer Look at African Autobiographical Narratives.” In Futuristic and Linguistic Perspectives on Teaching Writing to Second Language Students. Edited by Hanci-Azizoglu, E.B. and Nurdan Kavakli. Hershey, PA. IGI Global. 2021. pp. 216-234.

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“Daughters of Rubanga: An Author, a Student, and Other Stories in Between.” Assay: A Journal of Nonfiction Studies. 6:2 Special Issue “Reimagining Regimes of Reality.” Edited by Anastasia Ulanowicz, Manisha Basu, and Brenda Glascott. -Spring 2020.