Liberty Ferda

  • Teaching Professor

Liberty's Affiliations: CEC Hill District

Liberty Ferda has been teaching at Pitt since 2008 and enjoys guiding and encouraging students in their journey to learn about writing, practice techniques, and ultimately become better writers and thinkers! She currently serves as the Assistant Director in the First-Year Engineering Composition program and teaches a range of writing courses in other programs at Pitt as well. She loves working with non-traditional students, second-career students, military/veteran students, and people in the community who are seeking educational or skills enrichment. Thus, she's thrilled to offer periodic writing workshops at Pitt's Community Engagement Centers throughout Pittsburgh, supported by the Writing Institute .

Liberty’s writing can often be found in various magazines or university-related publications, and sometimes in literary journals. You can find more info about Liberty's teaching as well as freelance writing projects at her website.