Michael Young

  • Part-Time Instructor

With a Ph.D. in Writing and Literature from the University of Cincinnati, Michael Young has taught at schools such as the University of Nebraska – Lincoln, Kansas State University, and, since 2021, the University of Pittsburgh. His Masters is from Kansas State and Bachelors is from Duquesne University. Pittsburgh is his home town and his family had season tickets to football games at old Pitt Stadium.

He is an award-winning teacher and author of creative non-fiction, along with publications as a poet and short story writer. In addition, he has many articles and essays in peer reviewed journals, anthologies, and encyclopedias – including a couple in the MLA Approaches to Teaching series. His scholarly works range from Writing Pedagogy, Shakespeare, American Literature, Canadian Literature, Pedagogy, to Media (Cinema and Television), plus presentations at more than 90 conferences – including those in History and Sociology – such as CCCC, NCTE, NEMLA, and MMLA. He has been awarded a number of grants, notably by the Canadian Government.