Paul Bové

  • Distinguished Professor

Affiliations: boundary 2, University Honors College, European Studies Center

Paul A. Bové is a member of the editorial collective of boundary 2 (Duke University Press).

Research and Publications

For easy access to his book publications go to Paul Bové's Author Page.  He also blogs at Critical Reflections and you can follow him on Twitter, @BovePaul. He is the author of dozens of articles in refereed journals, and he has lectured in many leading US and foreign universities as well as most major national and international conferences in the literary fields.  He was elected a member of the International Association of University Professors of English in 2010.  

His most recent book is Love’s Shadow, published by Harvard University Press in 2021 (ISBN: 978-0674977150). Publisher’s Weekly chose it as a Best Book, “a critical tour de force.”

He is completing a book on Henry Adams and America and beginning work on two new books, one on the art of portraiture, especially self-portraits, and a second on American forms of tyranny, a study of US literatures and US intellectual life.


Undergraduate Courses:

  • Honors College, American Literature, the Black Rhetorical and Imaginative Traditions

Graduate Seminar:

  • Theory of Literature

Service and Other Duties

Served on the Graduate Procedures Committee.

Research Interest Summary

Critical theory, Globalization, Modernism

Research Interests

Critical humanism, humanities oversight of technology, post-academic literary work