Scott Gibbons

  • Part-Time Instructor

Scott Gibbons taught high school English for 11 years and college education and composition courses for 10 years before coming to Pitt. While teaching high school English, he taught AP Language, AP Literature, and dual-enrollment courses; he also served on the district’s site-based decision-making council and as the English department chair. In 2016, he began teaching courses and working on his doctoral degree in teacher education and curriculum development at the University of Cincinnati. His research focuses on student teachers' experiences with pedagogy and technology and ELA methods. He absolutely loves teaching, and he cannot imagine doing anything else, which is why he enjoys working with students from all majors and a variety of backgrounds. He has a passion for learning and for teaching, and his goal is to help students experience the same rewards he has experienced throughout his 19 years as an educator.

He is originally from the Pittsburgh area but moved to Cincinnati in 2009. He and his family moved back to PA in 2021. In his free time, he enjoys hiking, mountain biking, travelling, and watching college sports. When the opportunity presents itself, he would rather be exploring nature and taking in his surroundings instead of being inside. He really enjoys all the scenery Pennsylvania has to offer throughout the seasons, and you can often find him doing something outdoors in all types of weather.