Zachary Horton

  • Associate Professor

Zachary's Affiliations:  Vibrant Media Lab, Open Lab

Zachary Horton's research and teaching focus on the intersection of technological mediation, ecology, and scale. He is particularly interested in the ways that non-human scales become integrated with or excluded from the human lifeworld, mediascape, and identity. His book on scale theory, The Cosmic Zoom: Scale, Knowledge, and Mediation is forthcoming from Chicago University Press. His other research projects focus on the history of gaming and the history of geo-scale technical imaginaries. He teaches courses in game studies, Critical Making, scanning and surveillance, and eco-media. As a game designer, filmmaker, and camera designer he explores the relationship between making, virtuality, and the object ecology of late capitalism. Dr. Horton is the director of the Vibrant Media Lab at Pitt.

Research Interests

Intersection of technological mediation, ecology, and scale