Stephen L. Carr

Stephen L. Carr is a professor emerita, who worked on issues of literacy, instruction, the history of the book, and various figures in literature, letters, and the arts across the 18th and 19th centuries. 

He recently coauthored a book with Jean Ferguson Carr (University of Pittsburgh) and Lucille Schultz (University of Cincinnati) entitled Archives of Instruction: Nineteenth-Century Rhetorics, Readers, and Composition Books in the United States (Southern Illinois Press, 2005). “The Circulation of Blair’s Lectures” appeared in Rhetoric Society Quarterly in 2002.


Graduate Courses

  • Various topics in 18th- and 19th-century literature and literacy
  • Literature and Instruction

Undergraduate Courses

  • Enlightenment to Revolution
  • 19th-century British Literature
  • Junior Seminar: Literature and Literary Education
  • Senior Seminar: William Blake
  • Seminar in Composition
  • Introduction to Critical Reading

Service and Other Duties

  • Assistant Dean for Graduate Studies and Research
  • Acting Chair, Department of English 2005–06
  • Chair, Senate Budget Policies Committee
  • Member, University Budget Policies Committee
  • Faculty Representative, Budget Committee of the Board of Trustees
  • Member, Facilities Planning Committee

Research Interests

Book history, archive studies, histories of instruction, 18th & 19th century literature and literacy, Blake